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Ask Sree Partha Roy

You thought you would never get a chance to have Sree Partha Roy answer all your questions ?
Well, you were wrong.
Here's your chance to ask Sree Partha Roy ALL those questions in your mind.

This is what, you have to do
(kindly go through the TERMS & CONDITIONS)

At the address give below, send by email, post or courier the following information:

Your Birth Date ( day, month and year )
Time Of Birth
Place of Birth
A Short Bio-Data ( this is compulsory, failing which, your questions will not be entertained )
And ofcorse......Your List Of Questions.
Along with the above mentioned information, you will have to send Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Rs.1000/- to Rs.5,000/-only. (depending on your questions.)

Get Your Full Computerised Birth Chart Details only Rs.1,000/-

The cheque should be on the name of "Partha Roy". If you want to Bank Transfer then email me or call me.

Kindly send the above mentioned information along with the Money Order at the following address:

Sree Partha Roy
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata - 700 106
West bengal

Mobile: +91 9433070815, +91 9051740603 Ph: +91 9239344286


1) All your questions will be answered by email.
2) our Advanced Computerised Birth Chart will be sent by email.
3) Please allow us a period of Four Weeks from the date of receipt of your mail or courier, to reply to your questions.
4) Kindly send Cheque / Demand Draft / Money Order / Bank Transfer.
5) If any of the information required (as mentioned above) is not provided, you might not be replied to.
6) The Payment is non-refundable.
7) If in Kolkata, you have to visit personally, no mail requests will be entertained.